Can parents phone wegnnehmen?

Hello may mrineo parents take away my phone. Since I am still under 18 yes I fall into the category of "limited financial capability". The phone I got for Christmas and there is a gift without disadvantage (I think) I wonder if they can take it away from me?


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Actually, I would have answered that they can, but I doubt meanwhile it because you've got this phone as a gift. (I do not suppose ,, from your parents)

Turn to ask him to speak to the gift giver and to your parents. At the same time you should also rethink why you have taken away the cell phone your parents. Maybe you should improve yourself if you have used it too often ...

Yes your parents to you authorized the phone take off.

In contrast, you can unfortunately do nothing, because you yourself still a minor, which is recognized as an educational measure.

Naturally. There're your guardians

Are you allowed to. For educational reasons. Because you so verdaddelst too much money. Because you before loud on cell phone hanging other stuff neglect, for example. Or because otherwise infertile if one asks you for something.

But what they may not do is that they then sell the phone.

You may, of course,

Of course, they may take it away from you.

As an educational measure they can take away everything at any time

You may, even if you do not like. Great Parents DH.

As long as you are not of legal age may take your phone your parents.

Yeah Do it.

they can not and must

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