Can see others my browsing history of other computers?

I mean can this example be pure hack into my WLAN routers and then read my browsing history?

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No, the thing is, I was more than half a year of sacrifice sextortion. I simply fear that contact these people take up to me on the ip address or vllt my browsing history as fundamentally see me vllt still blackmailing and for that I must say that I had enormous luck and they never did it ..

@ HDxSilv3r of which wireless password you talking about? :) Of the which is under the box or when you log on the internet with the ipaddress

If you want to be really sure, then you have to change your wireless password every week. Then the chop next to impossible if you erwichst no professional;)

It is possible! But the harder and longer your Wi-Fi password, the more you're on the safe side! It is to be very likely to be hacked if you go in a free famous WLAN HotSpot, for there can my PC or your mobile phone hacking directly!

Theoretically this is possible. They might as well record your access to the Internet.

It is possible for many things, but that's not necessarily likely. In order to protect yourself such as:

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