can smoke really

trigger or worsen schizophrenia?

The best answer

That's theses. These means are situated on a claim that is based on evidence, evidence is not yet found.

Thesis is that with an existing MRP / predisposition to schizophrenia by cannabis use, the disease can break out early.

Statistic is that suffering around the world, from the so-called primitive cultures up to industrial nations, a man of hundred from schizophrenia.

Statistics is that men around the age of 18, women become ill at a young age with early to mid-twenties for the first time from schizophrenia.

Whether the now psychotic, because they use cannabis or alcohol, or if they do, to take the fear and stress, no one knows.

What is now know that cannabidiol, which is in a higher dose in industrial hemp, the symptoms of schizophrenia as well and without side effects relieves how / as neuroleptics.

These information are exclusively linked to the clinical picture of schizophrenia and not a drug-induced psychosis that disappears with the waiver of the drug again.

Yes, the active ingredient THC can cause such reactions.

Timer can be a cannabis intoxication, just as the death of nationals and an alcohol intoxication or emotional experiences also.

I had to jz only 1 time a persecution complex, so too often can not happen is as the ^^ with preloaded people I can not tell you

Can happen .. but also depends on the variety.

As long as you do not exaggerate nothing can happen.

Yes, that's the THC what it COULD trigger ... we know today still not too much about the exact causes

Look best: OpenMind cannabis on youtube then you know ALLED

As far as I know try it out if you do not believe it

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