Can something so much hurt that it no longer hurts?

That's a pure interest question. To me it is namely times happened that I flew with his head against the wall, and I felt dizzy and first I saw almost nothing, it does not hurt. And then it has slowly begun to hurt ...

Where did that ?! Oo

thank you

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That's the shock. If your body's in shock, he suppressed the pain first, to, for example, initiate an escape can. Only slowly does the shock then and you feel the pain.

yes, it can actually be. The body releases possibly from so much adrenaline that you do not notice what is happening. Only a little (or a little more) later you realized what was and the pain begins. I had it in small times when I had an accident and not even noticed that I was not only the rich laceration but 2 broken fingers had .. UDN my uncle once, when he was alone on ner "small" hike: he is where down fell, thought, damn .. here you will find no yes .. and 2h back to the road.

As afterwards showed, among other things with a double broken leg. He always said he only thought does indeed hurt just a little, must go ..

Shock is called that. People often disconnect all limbs and feel no pain first.

When tattooing that is. Each tattoo has only times hurt again but after a few minutes the nerves are resp. the pain receptors blocked and it feels more numb than it hurts. So is the fact

The body releases hormones that attenuate the pain or even suppress

Can something so much hurt that it no longer hurts?

yes that's because the pain receptors off is due to overload and therefore you do NOT fall into coma, if you grade in agony're stuck!

Go to the doctor that sounds violent.

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