Can the Church dictate how one has to make a grave?

Hello! I need urgent help !! We received a letter from the church will soon be purely flutter in which is inside that you have all the angels who stand on the grave remove. Otherwise, they are disposed of by the Church and the costs will be charged to us. Is that right that can do that? After all, so usually not the church, grave, but we!

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Is that right that can do that?

Safe: When "landlord" they determine the appearance of the cemetery :-) According to such a set by statute or determine power house right, especially because if kitsch overcharge graves are perceived as inappropriate :-)

When it comes to denominational cemeteries that have a say about the design of the tombs. In addition, it must be somewhere in writing, to any interested party Available from SQL, stored or posted. Each cemetery has (or should definitely have) a cemetery regulations, from these concrete things are apparent. Set up in this regard with the support of the cemetery in conjunction.

Hello zzzombieee,

meantime you will not have the letter, yes. Wait until times.

In a municipal cemetery, the Church has no power to regulate something.

In a cemetery belonging to the parish, would initially determine whether you have kept you in the installation of the memorial to the appropriate cemetery regulations.

If so, there must be no change. If not - then you have to change, on your costs.

But if the church had no cemetery regulations and now wants a change, from what it is their land, then it will be examined by lawyer initially if this is allowed at all.

If it is allowed, then the church must also bear all costs for the change and the new system - at least in my legal opinion. But that would have to be cleared by a lawyer.

A lawyer would be appropriate because of the amount of the costs.

Dankeee for many quick answers! So I've now read through the cemetery regulations, and there is NOTHING of it inside ... I can sue if necessary ??

There is a cemetery regulations. And it is prescribed as a grave must look gillt in the cemetery, for this order, or what is allowed and what is not allowed. At this order must comply.

What about the "real"? If ye then be obliged skewers, as in the bird control in the city to install on your to-maintain grave stones?

there is a cemetery statutes and in the stands what is allowed, which you recognize automatically when a grave is required

Basically, there is a cemetery statutes. The is (for you) basis, if you a grave-stelle want to use on the said cemetery. There corresponding criteria are set out. Entwe-of you recognize this cemetery statutes - or leaves it up with said cemetery be!

I can not tell you for sure, but I can not imagine really that it is lawful to me. Finally, also pay for a grave in a cemetery. However, when standing in the cemetery regulations, the angels are forbidden, it looks different.

But I can not understand, why are prohibited in a cemetery Angel also. If the letter a Justification?

In the cemetery regulations such provisions can be made.

Why Church? Most cemeteries are still in the custody of municipalities or cities. And then this call should be nevertheless been preceded by a decision, for which there is an explanation. Council, city council or parish council in conjunction with the municipality. Listen dich doch mal with acquaintance to who are also users of this cemetery. Maybe you is something escaped and know more.

If it is a "confessional" cemetery, the church has there domiciliary rights, and may determine what is NOT included on a grave.

In community-owned cemeteries a cemetery regulations apply which is cost. Also there will be described how the grave design must be done.

It's also not that the cemetery looks like a fairground.

Is the church owns the cemetery can anorden that. I wonder but with what reasoning your church that no longer want?

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