Can the driver throw me in this case?

Moin, so I recently had the following problem: My ticket is valid only from 14 o'clock, but I recently verpeilt the time restriction and am entered at 13:45 in a bus, the bus driver told me to again look at my ticket and I apologized and said I had not looked at the clock, then I asked to buy a ticket, he again threw me out. I am familiar with the rules is not so good and then I waited for the next bus, but I have argued nice and understood the bus driver may me then just drop off the bus? A friend of mine said, as long as I behave correctly, he can not throw me, knows someone from there? Then I will know next time if something similar happened modest :)

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If the bus driver was also stoffelig, so was happy! Driving without a ticket costs 40, .bzw.60, -Streng had taken the pay müssen.Selbst if you had to call a taxi, because you had an appointment, you go somewhere in Ordnung.Bei children and at night, as there are clear rules would, the bus driver haks disciplinary to maßregeln.So from me, which are also very annoyed by verbal abuse, threats and even physical! Attacken.Im Rhein.Main area an ever increasing Seuche.LG

Strictly speaking, it is allowed to secure. Because, strictly speaking, you are black down, though not intentionally.

The bus driver was just very petty. He would have you certainly just can buy a ticket and the cheese would have been eaten.

So be it. What brings you now to lament?

Actually, he would have to sell you a ticket and you can not throw out. Theoretically. Practically you but apparently made on him the impression that you wanted to go black. And dodgers are often thrown.

You were then solved but a ticket?

Then he would have let you pay only then should take.

In fact, you had a valid ticket, you are black down. Or have (consciously or unconsciously) at least tried.

This is the well gradually on the nerves. And yet you had said yes a valid ticket 8How, he should sell you one)

He can not force you throw. He can only call the police. The allowed this. To those you would then have to explain the situation. However, if you leave the bus "voluntarily" to "strong" Please the driver, that's your business.

Nope, we have a passenger transport law in Germany. The bus driver MUST take you.

Because you are not yet driven, that's no dodging. He pointed you out.

He should have offered you to pay the normal fare and then have to take you.

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