can the fix yet? (Glasses, Brillennbügel)

So .. My left temple discontinue verge. Den you can already turn slightly to the left and forward. Can you repair the still? Thank you..

The best answer

The best way to treat your glasses now extremely cautious and are looking at the beginning of next week your optician.

The one would have to screw. Ask but after the spectacle store, diue make aucvh usually free for you.

The glasses can you kick it into a new eyeglass frame.

Brillengstelle has been around for 20 Euro.

to the left and forward ... is because only the Bügelschräubchen loose or is really something break just before ... let it please the optician appearance, Fiel ... nn (large optical retail chain) makes you free a new bracket tuned! Certainly.

Try going to Apollo or so. The have more of a clue. Even though you can of course have the misfortune to end up with a type of person who you just says it was broken so you are buying a new. But I had with Apollo actually always very competent staff partly advise that even for repair.

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