Can the landlord not allow me a dog although I have three cats ?!

Hey, question stands above it can therefore forbid me a dog or what can happen to me when I grow me a dog. Lg

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Hello Cecce05,

Unfortunately he can forbid you that. There is a so-called partial ban of animal husbandry, which can be obtained from the tenant. However, a ban More after several animals tolerated the tenant to avoid animal hoarding (which, I think, when you do).

I hope I could help you, is unclear, please write back.

3.1. Prohibiting the keeping of certain animals (partial ban)

According to the latest case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), see the judgment of 20/03/2013 (Press release of BGH), a general ban on keeping dogs and cats in the apartment for rent is ineffective.

but the following clause should be effective:

"The attitude of non-hazardous and non-toxic small animals, this also includes very small dogs such as the Yorkshire Terrier, is allowed within the normal residential use. The attitude of large animals such as dogs and cats requires the consent of the landlord. The keeping of dangerous and venomous animals is prohibited. "

Is the attitude of certain animals tenancy agreement prohibited and keeps the tenant against the contractual ban a product covered by the ban animal, he must abolish it at the request of the landlord again. If he does not, then let him condemn court to the owner to eliminate the animal and to refrain from further entertainment. This also applies to the cases in which vetoed the attitude of an animal effectively the landlord, the tenant this is not observed.

4. Contractual consent requirement (examination right from the owner)

Is determined by contract that for the keeping of large animals of the landlord's consent is required (check law), it is the owner basically free if he allows the livestock or not. From clause but it appears that the landlord is not generally on the admissibility of livestock, but will decide in each individual case (taking into account the circumstances of the case). If not preclude the weighty reasons, the tenant may here assume that the landlord gives its approval.

For example, the following clauses are effective: "The keeping of domestic animals requires the consent of the landlord." "The attitude of a dog or cat with permission from the owner."

The owner does not need to explicitly approve the livestock, but can this also implicitly do (tolerance). For example, has the owner's attitude of a dog for a long time condoned, he can not take back without just cause its issued in this way consent. An occasional barking of the dog is not a valid reason.

The landlord can make permission to livestock dependent on conditions. but have to be reasonable and rational. So he can only allow home entertainment instead of free entertainment in the grounds. It may also allow the keeping of only neutered dogs and cats. Des same applies to the number of animals that may limit its permission to not more than two of the owner - avoid animal hoarding (animal hoarding).

Hey, question stands above it can therefore forbid me a dog

For good reason, yes. Just the fact that you already have three cats, should be reason enough.

what can happen to me when I grow me a dog.

in the worst case the dismissal.

That's what the owner could not grant permission to a dog.

Are you doing it but he can you sue for abolition of the dog. And if successful, you would have the dog again give away or you are looking for another apartment.

Can the landlord not allow me a dog although I have three cats ?!

He can. Just because you have a cat, and because there are three it is easy for the owner to justify the order.

Other tenants were lucky if they could keep only one dog or cat.

or what can happen to me when I grow me a dog.

He can terminate you if you are holding just a dog without the permission of the landlord.



Three cats are it probably enough One must not exaggerate, yes.

He might cancel the lease if you do it anyway.,

If I was your landlord and you already 3 cats I would suggest you also forbid a dog!

Would not your parents are more likely to ask ???

And YES, the landlord may prohibit your parents the attitude of a dog !!! Why not? ... He owns the house !!!

If a dog is purchased and you have no previous dog holding permission obtained (in writing) by the owner, it may be that your parents get a warning abolish on condition the dog again and there is a dismissal if you do not comply with the request ,

Actions you can then also ... That costs a lot of money and even more nervous ...

If you are such an animal loving family, then you look for another apartment where a priori livestock is permitted.

Dogs bark, cats do not. Does that answer the question?

Stabdardsatz in leases that pet use a permit required (except rodents, aquarium, ...). And if he wants you not give, is his right.

I think there are also these factors to: who assured him that the animals have no trouble getting used to each other, who can guarantee that the dog not together provides a whole (even beo the best dogs in the Circle comes the times before), etc ...

If he allows he can then take back when we are writing to us,

Yeah he can alone because you already have 3 cats. What can happen to you then? Then he can cancel at you without notice. He is the owner and if you know that you can not bring another animal into the home then that would make me very angry. So shut up as long as you live there yet regulate his. Can you then but still a dog down.

Greeting, Soeber

you must ask in any case your landlord, without permission, he can cancel at you even without notice ...

in the rest of you are not volljaehrig -lso the must regulate your parents for you .... and a dog you do not drafst also buy

Yes, actually it can already!

Yes it may prohibit the

Think cats running under small animals and are never verbietbar. A dog already.

But ask an attorney if you want it 100% sure.

Is your question an April Fool?

can you forbid .... yes

if he wants it then that is so

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