can the Setpoint '' deal '', or it reduce to a lower weight?

** Since I no longer pick up since about 2 weeks, so to speak, a '' weightloss blockade '' have, I have the Internet searched for reasons and then I met with the Setpoint.

Can one somehow reduce, so I do not stay all the time sitting at 60 kilograms? My ideal weight is 55kg, there are indeed '' only '' 5 kg .. And if it go würde..ab when it works then the weight? **

Setpoint = The set point theory describes the regulation of body weight. According to this theory, each person has a certain body weight at which he is doing relatively well, and which is kept constant by the metabolism under normal conditions. The amount of individual weight is called Set-Point.

The best answer

Yes, you can. However, the lower weight, as already from the definition of the Set Point is clearly to keep very unhealthy and difficult. You're risking to trigger a yo-yo effect. Furthermore, I would be times your height interested. 60kg is namely for the average woman perfectly fine.

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