Can the SPCA refuse out handover of his dog?

Hi, have a question for dog owners among you who have already made experience with ASPCA.

Namely wanted my husband and I a dog families, and have also found a we wanted to pick up on Saturday. The owner must give away because her son has a strong allergic reaction to the dog him unfortunately. Therefore, the dog was untegebracht with the neighbor. Yesterday in the afternoon I wrote her that we could bring the dog also equal. That was an eternal back and forth, and this afternoon I have experienced the neighbor yesterday simply brought the dog to the SPCA without the knowledge of the owner. She said the dog would have been too tiring. Well, the owner was there today and the dog would have been now been mediated and also already picked. but you can have it back if they would pay € 150. Now my question, the SPCA should something ever? Oh, her neighbor has already displayed because they simply gave the dog away.

Thanks in advance

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sounds to me rather suspicious, because if someone has a dog in animal welfare (shelter) to write, he must

- Firstly, to prove ownership (eg through a purchase agreement, etc.)

- Secondly, can a dog not charge proposed there (unless it would be an animal Fund) - otherwise you have to pay for delivery.

Therefore, it is to me quite a mystery how the neighbor do it?

And when she tells me it is a treasure animal, then the rightful owner to retrieve the dog of course - only must their ownership right prove (one can easily through the chip) and of course it has to the "maintenance costs" for a day or two to pay. The money can then be repeated from the neighbor yes.

And an animal is never relayed the shelter within a few days, especially not when it was submitted as a "Fund Animal" (and different it may indeed your remarks to not be). Because of Fund animals has the rightful owner of a 6 month "right of return".

For me, it all sounds a bit strange and not really conclusive.

Good succeed


Is easy to answer, because dogs are considered to be matters in Germany and, accordingly, have an owner. The property can only pass with a 2-sided declaration of intention to another person. That is only the owner could have provided the dog at least legally, what did the neighbor was not permitted and is also called forbidden own making, since it was only in the possession of the dog and not the owner. Long story short what made the neighbor was illegal and normally has the dog will be handed the costs shall be borne by the neighbor or the ASPCA.

which everything hears very strangely. the owner of the dog may yet Siche with the help of tax stamp / vet bills / purchase agreement to show that it is rechtmaessige house owner - and this animal protection club would have the dog is not allowed to continue to teach in such a short time ... I would the animal protection club say invading!

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