Can we assume several € 450 Jobs / have?

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Of course you can exert more low-paid jobs (mini-jobs), as long as the predetermined by the Working Time Act maximum working time is respected.

If the income of the Mini Jobs aggregated max. 450 € per month, then you pay the highest contribution percentage of each 3.7% for pension insurance and possibly 2% flat tax if the employer the 2% does not accept.

But once you earn aggregated from 450.01 to 850 € per month, you find yourself in the so-called sliding zone and are at a reduced rate contributions to social security and tax under personal income tax deduction features.

No. Since you then have to pay taxes and so

See example. https here: //www./frage/kann-ich-mehrere-400-euro-jobs-annehmen-sodass-i ...

If you are a total of not more than 450 € come (eg only 200 € -. The other € 250), you can have multiple jobs! - From 450 € to 800 € the "self-interest" in taxes, social security is then gradually increasing.

Important: Each employer needs to know from the other!

More importantly: Lasse Get the copies of your applications itemizing in Minijob Centre and Professional Association! Otherwise you have no proof that you work regularly!

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