Can we "Dear Sirs" write in an application, if it is a doctor's office?

There are three doctors in a practice and the names are very long and it goes through the two lines enumerate all. then that enough, this "Dear Sir .."

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Hello lordejunkie,

the impersonal salutation "Dear Sirs" You should definitely avoid. I recommend you advance personally visit the practice or at least to call so as to produce a first personal contact.

So you make the application process ever get the first points in terms of initiative and sociability, then have a first contact, know to whom you have to write, you can refer to it in letter and are then for those no longer totally foreign. Similarly, if you have any questions that you would like to clarify before the written application, you have thus the opportunity to do so.

But also in the negative case, if it so there is no job opportunity for you (or do not like you there), you would have an advantage, and indeed could you save time and money for the written application.

If you need a written application, you let your best first draft here (please complete and anonymous) and ask for ways to improve. Experience has shown that there is always something to improve. Suggestions you can find for example here.

or, if it comes to training, here:

doctors are all men? Then I would even just "Dear Sirs" or "Doctors Müller and colleagues" write. Or you can find out who subsequently won the largest equal voice in the candidate selection? Then give the name.

I'd rather anschreiebn secretary

If the names are given, one writes then also personally. Although these are long.

Sure does that, I've already written in my application.

If there are three doctors to write only "Dear Doktores".

If you know one of the doctors, you can address him by name, and the other anonymous. Dear Doctor Hugeduster and colleagues ....

I would write so:

Dear Dr. X,

Dear Dr. Y,

Dear Dr. Z,

Of course, directly with each other without writing paragraphs (paragraphs I'm not getting out of here).

So we write here in the company letters to several addressees.

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