Can we sell samples?

Can you legally sell samples? -I Have found that you can only sell it when the specimen is in its original packaging.

But why is then that you can not sell it?


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Basically, one must sell everything on the makes no other ownership claims - or where one has explicitly as obligated by contract to non-sale.

It is also not soo undesirable; a resold sample is publicity, and better than a thrown will the consumer in the trash.

The problem arises only wherever it smells somehow Commercial - because the manufacturers do not want that someone somewhere collects these things and now supplies customers who want to buy the products so regularly.

Because it was just exactly ONLY produced for this purpose ... as a sample!

This is to prevent too fast and loose, because if then a the free samples will quickly reaps not scattered the sample into the crowd, an individual would have even a financial benefit from it.

Is stupid to tell ..... but maybe I could since bringing a little light into the darkness. ......

@ schokolyna

Arise times over the Internet - right smart as the legal situation with sample sale. You'll find plenty.

Can not imagine that the manufacturer is thrilled when you sell its free samples to me.

But why is then that you can not sell it

Finally, you get the samples, so that you then kaufst- the goods.

If you get out of your beautician a specimen and your for € 2.50 BF vertickst, you can not what.

From what samples? Perfume samples?

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