Can we suspend the work for depression to go into therapy may?

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Depression is a recognized disease. you'll sick, get possibly drugs and must consult regularly your doctor.

if this then assesses that you are ready made (always depends on the severity of the disease from) that you're capable of therapy, then he'll suggest that in any case.

Therapy simply an outpatient or make stationary. for inpatient Th. you'll also sick.

you should "expose" with unpaid leave or something my, I'd advise against you more. because a treatment cycle incl. therapy may take a very long time. thou but after 6 weeks referring sick pay, you're here also hedged.

I wish you a speedy recovery :)

I would only have a word with the doctor if he considers a (long-term) sick leave as meaningful. But in any case: You only have one health. And there is nothing like your own health.

If the permitted by law or the Arbeitgeberabhänig? My question for a friend.

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