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Good day everybody,

I have to go it alone to myself and would like to open an art supply store. Now I have to let create a home page in front of me but I have no points of reference in terms of prices. I have offers from some advertising agencies caught with my wishes as I would like. The deals go unfortunately far apart, I have offers from € 1200 - received € 2,500. Now I would like to know whether I have to if I accept the offer for 1,200 € expect a poor quality or whether this offer is still serious. To my homepage: There should be an online shop I myself can fill with my offers. Then should still Home a crafting forum / guestbook contact and then the Legal Notice and Privacy page. Maybe I would later have a gallery now. Can anyone find a reputable price call of good quality also promises, or may someone an agency in and around Heidenheim an der Brenz call with whom he has had good experiences so I there also can request.

I know there is a lot of text but I hope you can help me. Many thanks Irina

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Hello Irina55k,

I know someone who is a freelancer in Heidenheim with the times you can easily get in touch with show times he is self-employed for nearly 2 years and working but already a few years in the industry. It should also not be so expensive. To the price I think it always it arrives what everything should be on your homepage. the more the more expensive flat.

Hello. The cost of a home page of course depend on the scope and complexity, the demands on the design and also how many design and correction Calls it takes until the project is finished. A reputable and professional freelancers will cost about 40 to 60 euros per hour. Let's assume that it is a small presence of 4 pages, go so 3 hours for the design of the site on it, and about 3 hours for the technical implementation. Power 360 euros (possibly .. plus. More Wehrt control.) However, this is a best-case scenario, often are sites by subsequent feature requests and indecision outsourcer considerably more expensive than calculated. so think exactly in advance what you have with the side want and where your audience is. The more you deliver the web designer, the better the project will hold.

Look at times on, it is also considerably cheaper. And that's just one of many possibilities :) Later, when you succeed, you can still rely on a more professional system.

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