Can you get a flat stomach in a month?

So on april we go with the class swim and I would like to make my belly smaller, it is now not so great but it is a bit "aufgedunsd" I think I still young for a diet I do not want to do so you have a few tips ? Or is it even possible to get a flat stomach in a week? Ca.4-6 cm

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Diet you do not make. But you can avoid sweet to eat and eat only tasty fruits and vegetables. And if you wish to do it, then do every day at various intervals up to 500 sit-ups. Then you can already create about 2-3 cm and your belly will look better.

Lg Nicole

Hi :)

If it's just for the swim one day you can try the day before to eat as little calories, so eat as much salad or steamed vegetables yes. If you only drink water the week instead of juices and instead of "sweets" fruit eating, you save as well as calories. Sit ups (normal and "oblique" So right shoulder direction left knee and vice versa) make the stomach appear flatter, because it makes you get ne better shape and waist. LG Kira

PSMir although it is always a little uncomfortable when we go swimming with the class, but be careful that you do not overdo it;)

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