Can you give a man an artificial intellect?

Should really be possible because the brain but only consists of synapses and electronic signals? Ok, the research is not yet ready, and the technology either. But in theory it would be possible or not?

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Define Vertsand.

If you want to know much about the subject, google once the subject NEURONHANCEMENT, which means all the way to improve mental abilities.

This is in some areas even with simple things such as transcranial brain stimulation, conceivable with Deep Brain Stimulation and several other methods.

So far, there are only a few Gottlob "side effects" that it has been observed in treated patients.

The absolute majority of Neuroichrurgen rejects this approach in healthy subjects from ethical reasons.

If e is saber wanted'm ichmir pretty sure that can be found behind the doors of Us .- Verteidigungsminsiteriums first a doctor for a lot of money (see torture by the CIA) and enough about patriotic US - ready soldiers and trained to become SUPER SOLDIER or better let transform.

I am, moreover, is precisely why an opponent because this exact procedure is always performed in s box when new methods sufferers are helped, BUT could be the whole indeed abused ethically.

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The brain is probably what exists by using the most complex "thing". Something does not work like that.

One could indeed just say "Can a man miss an artificial eye, which functions as a data glasses?" The research is not as far, let alone the technology. Theoretically it should be possible. "

Where is the purpose?

Greeting, Nazuga

No, no, no, the human brain is so complex that you will never be able to replace it with a computer.

In particular, what we call the "feel", can be very bad copy.

We're already so far. Go out onto the street ud how many people watch constantly on their signal transmitter (Iphone / mobile) have to see whether in walking, standing or sitting at. So the foundation is already!

Can? Yes.

But humanity has not yet progressed so far :)

One would only replace the brain by a mechanical brain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then perhaps it would !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing!

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