Can you go with a big dog bus?

So my dog ​​can drive train and bus I trust him also. Of course I'd buy a ticket but may dog ​​ever on a bus? I live in Mannheim when the represents what. Please reply had to be no desire then thrown out of the bus !!

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Dogs are not a problem in buses, after all, where normal public transport. How big the dog is, does not matter.

If you have a ticket, in which another person could ride, instead you may also take the dog (because so do you need any extra ticket)

Look here:

Of course you can go with a big dog bus (of course needs a (children) Ticket). But I would take something precaution towards muzzle - often need to not, but is secure (at least in some places is called what).

Normally dogs may be taken on the bus, except when it is a fighting dog breed. possibly required a muzzle and of course only on a short leash.

You can of course with the dog ride on the bus. He needed only one child ticket (at least it is with us in a northern German city so).

I come from Heidelberg and as I have often seen dogs on the bus. Sit halt so if that goes, that not everyone has to rise above the dog then had to go the.

Yes, you may with your dog bus ride ...

View have on your transport Internet page to which ticket you for the loose dog and make yourself smart about whether at least with you, you have a muzzle or a muzzle loop must ...

In some places, may ride for free Dogs - decently sees to that other passengers are not inconvenienced.

From us nobody has demanded that a muzzle is applied - I have the part but always seemed displays unsolicited ...

So with us are also big dogs no problem :)

With me on leash and muzzled and not on a seat.


Maybe you can call ahead and ask the respective bus companies.


, Ask a bus driver before the date on which you want to ride.


just ask, if you want einsteigst / boarding.

Perhaps it is also on the Internet.

LG :)

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