Can you have a hangover and a dog as a pet along?

Hello, I have a hangover, he is persair and I wanted to have a bulldog fetch (Puppy) and now I want to know if I can both together have as a pet?

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persair? this is mal ne creative spelling. what you have there is a Persian. and since you do not know how to write the breed isses probably a persermix, ne cat without papers

dogs and cats is ne thing for themselves. Some cats ignore dogs. Some cats like dogs. Some cats hate dogs and will never accept a near her. did you NEN dog to visit? how does your cat react?

young cats and cats with dogs experience can be most easily plug together with dogs.

cats that were generally long alone, possibly even before the 12th week of mama away, and are desozialisiert often do not only with new cats but also with dogs hard

is important that the dog kate not allowed to hunt, not even in the game before the cat has not decided that the dog is harmless. should and migraine itself imme may rzurückziehen if they want the

for the cat, it would be better if ne catTwo to come. especially in flat attitude

If your cat is an indoor cat, beg creates ungedingt at a second cat. Look around in shelters. There you will certainly find a cat, the dog knows so your after socialization of your cat with a conspecific still can think about to take a dog to.

From a puppy, I advise. Puppies are usually too rough, the cats feel besieged and it stresses massively when the puppy wants to play with them.

Look instead in animal shelters and animal welfare organizations who work with private foster homes, for a cat friendly adult dog. In such foster homes quite often cats and dogs living together.

It is good if you would know someone with a quiet, cats tolerated dog coming to the dog a few times with you over so the cat a dog is not completely unfamiliar, if you really decide you for a dog would.

For my cats I would never get a dog that went horribly wrong, because my cats got along indeed with the neighbor's dog, but when I to got a puppy at the tender age of 5 weeks has been exposed, let my cats the puppies not in live peace. The child was both while eating and while walking constantly disturbed, so that he could not even do his business. The puppies I leave after 3 weeks at a good place and since my budget is pet free.

Cats can be very jealous and because you so your cat should be aware of and hopefully know how he reacts to dogs, you can try it by you can come to you might only NEN friend with a dog (if you have) to see how your cat to the dog behaves opposite.

I 2 cats and a dog. The cats were almost a year old and the dog only 9 months. Opens super.

Share a bed and brushing each other. Just lovely

Depends on your cat. There are many where it works, as well as many where it does not work. Did you test the friends with dog?

We also have a hangover and a rude. We have worked together with the lead. But sometimes, one of zweibetwas aufmüpfig

But can not be.

Bulldog? What a? There are more than one.

I have two dogs and a cat. They get along well together. Playing, sleeping etc together.

It depends on the cat and the puppy on mood

whether both I can have as a pet them together?

extending dogs and cats not well tolerated, should be generally known. It happens very rarely that they do not fight. The situation is different when the animals grow up together.

You read this link times through:

https: //www./frage/hund-und-katze-stress- foundin = answer-listing # at ...?

Theoretically yes .. BUT! Something you have to test whether cat and dog would understand well ...

Where did the cat and how old is he? Gender of the two?

https: //www./frage/katze-in-hundehaushalt-umsiedeln foundin = answer -...?

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