Can you look at the phone as detectives spend by people to take poor?

Or is it forbidden?

The best answer

it is generally prohibited to talk on the phone to harass people. thereby usurping an office fortiori.

Here it all depends on how far the joke really is. you should do as part of an april fool such a thing, but to enlighten it, before it comes to evil konseqenzen, then I think you will forgive you.

buddy of mine logs on to the door and every time Aner when he rings with me. there were already kripo, all custom house, etc. Registered feuerweher ... once the CIA .. "we are looking for a certain Osama bin Laden ..."

lg, Anna

there is a crime consisted of is called "Office presumptuous". would such humours can be better if you at the other end does not know the person well.

you darst basically harass no people!

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