Can you move the toe even if it is broken?

Hi I have struck me yesterday the big toe violently. I can not move without pain in. Is it broken?

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I once had can :) also be that it is only or ne bruise or sprain something. These are also totally the pain, but even if it is broken, you get there is not necessarily a plaster or something: D if it does after 2 weeks still hurt I would advise you times to go to the doctor :) hurts it because if you him keeps calm?

This can not say exactly one. For example, I once broke his toe and it did not realize so accurate and on playing football. In the end I had no pain but my whole foot was blue. But it can of course be different, that one just has pain and the toe can not move because it is very possible broken. Information about you can only a doctor may even be only one X-ray image. That's why you should as soon as possible go to the doctor if it does not get better with the pain.

Probably not. But it is already possible. When big toe you really should go to the doctor as soon as possible if the pain does not subside soon.

I've even already broken 2 toes. You can walk better material if you're wearing good shoes that makes your toes no place. So rather something together squeeze than comfortable.

My cousin had the times broken and thus has still played football because he did not notice, but let the time it checked, because with him it is now grown together funny :-)

I would zzap times to see a doctor to have X-ray the toe. Otherwise it could happen that it coalesces wrong for a possible break and you caused lifelong complaints.

cool, wait and see. this helps! ansonten can daily times consult a doctor .. even ne bruise his .. :)

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