Can you see the partial eclipse by a space blanket?

Hi, I've got a question, may be considered by a twice folded survival blanket the partial eclipse? Because our astronomy teacher is of the opinion that it has the same protective effect as special glasses, is that true or not true? And is it really safe? Thank you for your answers :)

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I was therefore especially at the optician, who assured me that the film of the rescue blanket is exactly the same. The important thing is that the golden film shows and silver towards the sun to the eye

I had the (twice as many as suggested) in 1999 as a filter on the camera. Was too close, only the images in total as I lost the self-made filters were useful. All other compl. dark. Camera was an analog SLR. Allegedly does not filter certain ranges of the light spectrum that can be dangerous. A position as a camera filter could work

Because I would not rely on any case strikes.

An emergency blanket has to reflect primarily the task of heat and thereby keep the injured warm. Protection from UV radiation or sunlight is not intended.

Goggles have a special protector.

If your teacher wants to look at it this way, then he can do that, yes. I would not follow his advice, or paying your pension, takes you and reads you before if you erblindest following?

And this statement actually has an astronomy teacher met - God forbid!

This is just an insecure means of observing how blackened disks, CDs or beer bottles, and what it is not so all there for advice on the net - it is definitely not advisable.

Such monitoring should be carried out only with the eclipse glasses, special sun protection film or who has the possibility of using a solar telescope.

So we watched it today at school specified by 3-compartment emergency blankets made no dummy.

A classmate of mine has even managed by a pick-up of paper (even darker) to take a photograph of the eclipse which (9 or 10 pieces to a whole school) did not go with the glasses.

I've heard that too but I think that the protection is still not sufficient

The Sofi 1999, I observed through two layers of foil rescue. That was a widespread recommendation and I have suffered no damage to eyes.

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