Can you teach to this song on the piano itself?

Hey guys ^^ I used to play four years Keyboard and have thus strikes the basics. I want me now but buy an electric piano, but due to time constraints no time for teaching. I speak only the basics. Now I have found a song on YouTube and having it fully clothed me ... ->

Can you learn this song without instruction? greetings

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Of course it is! I have as a beginner all taught myself =). Grab the Sheets (notes) on the forum from Kyle and go Note by note. So I also reasonably taught myself to read music ... it was very slow, but I managed it. So you'll do it well. Darfst never give up!

Although I do not know exactly how good you are, but I would start with a couple of little simpler songs, because this is very difficult. In other songs you can then grope around slowly, but definitely first thing simpler like Amelie or so.

Have fun practicing and I hope that I could help you ..

So if you have no time for teaching and want to teach you how to own it is difficult. Unless you're full, the music genius and have incredibly good sense of tact. But since you do not have time for lessons, su'll hardly time for the have to play that way, as the man does.

Uiuiui, this is no easy number- especially for someone who is due to "only" Keyboard Experience has little exercise with your left hand.

But can clear one learn anything. Just how quickly this is done will be indiviuell very different.

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