cancel a job interview, can only after the Easter holidays

How can I formulate best? : /

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Hello Sehers18,

if you had already agreed to the appointment, you can only move when something really important and Unverschiebbares has come between him now.

If not, just call and ask for shift. Be prepared to offer your hand 2 or 3 alternative dates.

Nothing is more important than to find ne right job

Was the appointment already firmly agreed? Then you should take the time to do well, otherwise you probably have not even let you look there.

I want to cancel the call, can only after the holidays. Bye!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Unfortunately, I have other priorities, and in this priority list your site has not been high. I'd rather over Easter skiing.

Thank you for your understanding. I hope for a speedy return of my documents and I wish the other candidates good luck.

Ski healing!

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