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Hello, I would like to buy a camera that is not too expensive. me is quite important that you can show the display and it also has photo quality good videoqualtität. they should not be too schwiergig to use. one like the Canon 600d. knows her one that is similar. and the canon is recommended? and if so, where can I get them cheap from? with a lens (18-55mm or lots of light, another)

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Hi lena raspberry,

a camera is a very personal tool that must match the photographer. Therefore I recommend you not to place undue listen to others at the camera choice. Mostly everyone recommends his own camera without knowing the other from my own experience. A camera has to sit well in the hand and you have to get along well with the operation. try No one can remove you. And it has to go with your photographic requirements and priorities, and we do not know. What we do not know is how much photographic experience you have and why you want to buy you a DSLR. Should you not be determined at this point, so would also be a good compact or bridge camera in question. This is just for beginners often first less confusing, and good images can be done with it. Another advantage: You need not go yourself to plague with lens changes. Please do not think you'll make with a DSLR automatically better pictures than with a good compact or bridge camera. While a DSLR offers more potential, this may or do not want to use a lot of beginners. Without a basic understanding of the optically-technical contexts it does not go in any case.

At best you're going times in a Photo Shop (no electronics market) and 'try out different models, best even outdoors in daylight. Pudding is in the (reviews and other)!

The biggest influence on the image quality, the photographer and not the camera. Therefore I would suggest you to use more time and energy on the development of your photographic skills as on the search for the "perfect" camera.

And the second largest influence on the image quality, the lens. Therefore you should also choose wisely if you decide for a camera with interchangeable lenses.

hol you prefer an older camera and a decent lens. this 18-55er dark chambers have only a very moderate figure quality, because you have no joy. you take the camera with this bad glass all the possibilities that it actually constitutes. especially the light intensity is just too bad. There is also no reason to want to have a folding display, if you never had one, then you need also none, so get used to not even turn. a DSLR is also not to film there, which loads the sensor very strong, because it permanently exposed and thus is very is. do you want to film, buy a camcorder.

I recommend as boarding a 17-50mm f2.8 of tamron, some as camera whose easy you like. buy yourself no canon, just because has "any" canon. while you have no clear arguments per canon, it makes no sense to define it.

I have a that meets all your points but not the foldable display

I myself have my model as a beginner, the Nikon D5300 with a 18-140 lens purchased. Costs so around 885 euros

( \_1\_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426529347&sr=8-1&keywords=nikon+d5300)

It also give cheaper versions with different lenses. As with any camera you need but no matter what you take them first to get to know you.

Since there are some good books or videos on Youtube, but that was not your question.

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