Captain tsubasa? Super Kickers? The kickers?

Are all three classroom metallic series? Or is each always the successor? Which series is best?

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Captain Tsubasa originally written by Takahashi Yōichi who published the first volume of the manga 1981st The anime was produced in 1983 and ran in Germany since 1995 under the title "The great football stars." "Super Kickers (2006)" made almost a sequel to Captain Tsubasa and ran the end of 2001 in Japan on TV (2005 then in Germany); served as the basis of Manga "Road to 2002" from around Tsubasa cycle.

"The Kickers" (Ganbare! Kickers) is a completely different and thus independent series based on the manga of Noriaki Nagai. The target audience of the Mangas and the anime is unlike Tsubasa an even younger audience, which is why the series is designed childish. Delivery in Japan in the early 80s, here in Germany in the early 90s (I think a year ago Tsubasa, anyway, I saw then the first Kickers before I discovered Tsubasa).

While The Kickers and Captain Tsubasa their time were quite successful in Germany, was another soccer anime, namely "Aoki Densetsu Shoot!" (With us as "The Champions - kickoff for 11 friends") rather in the thick under, you would have to say so. Delivery towards the end of the 90s, maybe there was interest in football animes only times exhausted (was more the time of the Magical Girl wave) or perhaps the story that was designed more for the teen age group, just not pulled, at least knows the series almost nobody.

Personally, I'm with the Kickers and Tsubasa "grown up", Tsubasa found but in the end too lengthy (retired and retired XD the anime), so my clear favorites are still the Kickers. Whether today's generations that are "lured with food" with Inazuma Eleven and Co., however, ever be able to make friends with all the non-computer-infested animation and the simple-cute story elements is questionable, and therefore, the question "Which series is on best? " difficult to answer. (No, it's not The Kickers point out:.... P XD)

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