Car and trailer?

Hello, I'm just looking for a new job and there 'driving experience with a driving license of category A1 with a trailer (mandatory) "does A1's car and scooter so far as I know, I need the car also has a trailer or on scooter or is meant?

thank you

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Are you sure with A1? The applies to light motorcycles - motorcycle to 125cc and not more than 11 kW engine power and a power / unladen weight of more than 0.1 CHP. The current limitation to 80 km / h for 16- and 17-year-old deleted. Tricycles with symmetrical wheels with a maximum design speed of more than 45 km / h with an engine power up to 15 kW or a cylinder capacity exceeding 50 cm3 in internal combustion engines. What is there, however, want a trailer, not opens me.

car B and car and trailer is BE from 3.5 ton gesamt.für A1 need no trailer sparkle, firstly allowed to draw almost nothing with that thing, the only thing I can think of is driving practice

A1 is in B (normal car) dchon it. You b smoke nothing to be done. You also gelich T with inside

I think for auto

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