Car on installments, unwise?

Good day!

I have a question. I have my driving license quasi finished and need a car to get to get to work and back, have even so activities which is why I often need one. I must our family car often use, but not always. Say I have already pretty much have a car because I just never know when I can have our car and I usually come only by bus (3 hours drive) to work and that costs a lot of money and I do too time consuming.

Hence the question, I should first 2-3 months that pervade so although the real would be an ordeal and buy a cheaper car? For the 1,200 euros until I apprenticed to end have (for 2.5 years)

or in installments? I get net 630 out, have otherwise not too many fixed costs so 200 euros I could pull the trigger already having to starve without now monthly.


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As a private person to lease a car or the like I would never make. Emtweder one has the money to afford a car or you do not ...! Savings vill. still 2-3 months, leg yet of your gespartem something on it and lend you something and then buy yourself a used by your parents. Mitlerweile give it already 2000 € still super cars ...

I would aufkeinen case take the rates! This is entered in your Schufa profile and you get your neighbor for example loan from the Bank for significantly higher prices

try rather to lend you the money from your parents, vlt can also give you a grant! remember you are allowed but that the car in regular dependents also money costs a lot lot! of advise I advise you from urgently! do not start at an early years the "living on pump" on!

Without a guarantee of your parents you'll hardly find a lender because you lie significantly below the distraint free amount.

Cars, which can be used for about 3 years also drive longer distances reliably, are of the order 1,200 € very, very rare. Well maintained and checkbook maintained cars with less than 100,000 km mileage, some equipment and the necessary safety catch as in 2500 - at € 3,000.

Look, if your parents you add the difference or can borrow.

Lease you a new BMW 116i. A colleague has 130 € incl. Insurance per month and has almost no spending on the car, because it's new.

How is it with nem Roller? Cheaper than cars and much cooler :) Have yourself a, drives well even in winter

You get no credit as an apprentice. As simple as that.

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