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and although I have some questions for you. I am a high school graduate and consider in advance what may become of me. I was most inspired by the audience of game developers and it is really my dream to be a. I learn quickly and had 2d games, but also 3D Games developed. However, I worked with Unity Engine and not program with real, I'm not doing well. The reason is that I was not the necessary material for learning the language did. Now to my questions: 1) Have you some tips for me to realize my dream? 2) Can you me with the "program" his vehilflich by her gives me Emphelungen what I could learn it? 3) What do I need everything, if I want to study it and where I could attend (if possible in Berlin)? I hope you can help me.


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The requirements you can find out at the respective universities, said only a high school and the NC should be.

To learn even you can find many tutorials at googel. Whether you start me a simple programming language or equal to a "major" learning is up to you.

However, a study concludes that even with a.

Thank you for the quick replies. annsehen Googling and Toutorials I did, very much so, and it brought me of course continue also, however, because not everything is shown. But if I now want to study it, then I must have a programming it? Gamescom I found also interesting, but it takes place in Cologne. I try tuned participate, but this would be difficult. Had you perhaps even more ideas? LG

So I can recommend the Gamescom, when I was there, there was an entire hall with recruiters and the hall was too damn empty compared to the rest you definitely; that allows you to display Absammeln enough brochures and hold talks, and tap business cards. Maybe you can even equal to ask if de xing people or LinkedIn have that are just business networks. Since your profile kannste then just a little pimp that do you care.

On the Gamescom there are objects on which game developers are looking for.

Otherwise you have time programming school google;)

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