Carpet cleaning with haushaltsublichen things.

Hey. So my girlfriend and I have a beautiful apartment are in January. The living room carpet was still by our tenants before it. However, this is quite dirty and somewhat faded. I need to get quickly clean it necessarily. What can I do there? (Carpet cleaner from store function nich)

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One can in baumarkt, Rossmann, carpet shop ... rent a carpet cleaning machine

hello, so of course goes detergent in warm water and then clean everything clean with a sponge, but that's a Filthy work.

I think you you're better off if you so rausreisst the pure and creates a new there. What do you know what kind of a dirt in the carpet and especially what else does it do so sitting in the lower layers in it.

You are angry every day anew and hygiene ????

Have you ever tried something like that, there are to rent the hardware store, the wet vacuum.

I would rather what putz brands more expensive use of ..what proWIN, JEMAKO or amway ..

You could even try this Vorwerk powder, but need to provide a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner. Den but certainly someone in the family or acquaintance.

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