Carry my dog ​​the belly noise

Hello :) Not surprised that I JTZ online here am but I'm sick .... Well back to the subject! The belly of my bitch makes strange noises as if we have hungry geradr only louder and in seconds overclock succession ... you vomited yesterday 2 times, and we gave it not much she has again found ... I'll make me right. ..

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The worries are not unjustified - if loud bowel sounds heard and the animal has several times passed, would anyone today with her to the vet. This may be an upset stomach, but maybe it also has a bacterial intestinal disease. So please, go to the TA. Good Bessserung you both. lg Lilo

What did she vomited? When? Daytime? The time interval to the last food intake?

If it breaks due to acidification, they need food and you would have time to rethink food and feeding times. If it breaks due to an infection or something else, can fast and later help foods.

In order to clarify what it is for now and to ensure the proper treatment, the bitch was soon to the vet.

If she vomits on, they can become dehydrated (dry), not good. Let them once it checked!

cook rice. no meat. otherwise if there is no improvement: vet

  1. Where is the question?

How old is the dog? Did she ate something unusual?

If the dog is an adult, you can certainly feed 24 hours nothing and then introduce foods. Say boiled carrots and chicken. Nevertheless I advise you today with the animal to go to the doctor.

Here you can not say what they did. Remote diagnostics are not possible for such a thing, we can only speculate. So pack the dog and ride to the doctor, even if you are sick

then go look better for vet


Please do not be surprised about the fact that I am now online, but my work does not begin until around 15:00.

If my dog ​​would have these problems, I would go with her to the vet.



you have to go to the vet!

You have given her this morning already lining? whom she has vomited 2 times yesterday will be empty and today they will certainly have vomited yellow foam of the stomach ...

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