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Since my computer is broken, I would like to buy me a new one. Now I've encountered in my search for the "Casio ClassPad 400". On the side from Dynatech under the technical data that he had no "symbolic solvers". Now I wonder: What is a Symbolic solver? Definitely I have this used with my old TI Voyager 200, only unfortunately can not do anything with the term. I will unfortunately not much smarter than the idea that so a command like expecting a / b = c times x by Google search.

Here is the link to the said page:

I hope you can help me with my problem.



The best answer

The symbolic solver is used for forming and solving equations - and just as you would do it on paper. The can thus individual equivalence transformations perform ( "will add to both sides 3x") - or even the whole equation change to x.

In contrast, there is also the numerical solver who provides the solutions you only numeric values, but not a redenominated by x equation.

I have the ClassPad 400 and can solve equations symbolically. On the side of Dynatech can be found under

Symbolic solver (solution with forming steps) and a green plus.

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