Castration of a male dog

Hi I have a question, I have a dog and wanted to ask whether it is an old until when you can castrate a dog / may?

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Castration can also with 4 or with 6/7 years. It's just an OP and you have the surgical risk - the so older Hundi, the higher the risk. And of course it depends on the health of the dog.

I've read that you have the idea for the Rammeln. By Kastra that will not necessarily disappear. First, it may be that it is not sexually but dominance - in which case nothing will change after Kastra. Then there are males who think even without eggs that they are potent. So the dog is my friend - he shagging each oestrus, when he comes ran.

I myself have a males and one female - both intact. I see something different than many here. Many friends of mine have male and female.

The only problem is now time that they must be kept strictly separate during heat. But otherwise is male and female usually better than two dogs. And as I said, that is not necessarily sexually Rammeln - could be good, he would do it in a young male with whom he lives together well.

My dog ​​has recently also my bitch climbed - without which it is in heat. With him it was because it smelled out everywhere in provisional and he would cover even a breeding bitch may - but this was not right in the state days and therefore he is indeed on it - but has not really covered. After that, he was strongly influenced by each other and then the smell of the provisional. So my bitch had to serve. I've forbidden it. Sure he has tried repeatedly. So I got him getting banned again - I had the most staying power. He stopped and now they are playing together again as normal.

If you mean, but it would be really on its potency - try it once with chaste tree - of course, and there are at any pharmacy. Some helps the very good that they are no longer so cool.

I would strongly advise against castration of. It is a hormone riessiger incision and there are also many negative aspects such as for example is increasing the risk of bone cancer.



in age can be the dog, of course, immediately neutered.

I am always totally incomprehensible how can a female and a male purchase together. One knows in advance which problems resulting therefrom. have to pay for it then eventually the dogs, which are then subjected to such a massive intervention in the hormonal balance.

Lt. TierschutzG is castration allowed only for medical reasons - or to prevent uncontrolled reproduction. But actually, such a in dogs did not take place when one acts responsibly in advance.

That your dog is super well behaved, I can hardly believe, because then he would such behavior not show (except during the heat of the bitch - then naturally uses nothing more). And also the monthly vet makes me suspicious - because who goes with a healthy dog ​​each month for TA-control?

Poor communication there between you and your parents!

... How can an uncastrated males up to 4 years, the "behuckeln" allow and then put him a female puppy in front of the nuts?!?!

... Scratch head ... questions are again today - I can not believe it ... ^^

... If castration is for me only in a medical justification into consideration! The mine has no problem to sit on his balls ... ^^ If this were not so, then ...

... The harassed nor female and he learned early: "behuckeln" is not desirable! Very quickly he realized that and regimented now conspecifics by splitting when he observed such behavior ...!

Hi castration is always a can not and must always be, if the dog has no problems such as hormonal imbalances, etc. It is generally said that the dogs shall first grow ready and mature. For a small dog could theoretically castrate from the 10th month. Until when this can be done, is highly dependent on the health of the dogs. Does he eg a weak heart I would always try to avoid stuns. Know many old males were also castrated late in animal welfare, only the were just too fit for surgery. If he does not have any adverse health effects and does not necessarily have to live with intact bitches rather do without it.

I just can not take it seriously and you need not ...

On the one hand you say you had a clue of dogs - the other hand, you run every month to a screening examination with your healthy dog ​​to the vet.

No healthy dog ​​has so large testicles that they would hinder him while sitting ...

If you live with your parents, then I wonder why they put now a bitch puppy as the intact dog's nose ...

If you do not live with your parents, then I see no problem to keep the two dogs separated when the female is in heat (is) ...

After the valid German Animal Protection Act, it is forbidden to castrate healthy males - because only medical indications are an exception accepted ...

chug That's not necessarily sexual origin. That the puppy does not yet sexually mature is might be clear. Also, the rammeln no rank Trim Gedönst. But often stress-relieving. If the puppy too annoying, and the dog does not know the situation handle it often leads to such acts. Please look at the whole situation, when the dog makes the ...

The question is rather AB when to it should and why you want to do it at all. Is there a health reason to castrate him? If not, I would not make it only.

When do you it may depend on the health condition of the animal.

Castration without a medical indication is not allowed by the Animal Welfare Act. Castration also has side effects:

It also has two books were written on this subject and are available. So only inform!

The Age: A early neutering is ruled out - see link

The Dauerberammeln is purely educational thing. To protect the dog when the dog is constantly harassed this only to take primarily the education of males in the hand and rethink.

But when I read such:

and he has really big testicles, sometimes it makes me seem that he has a problem to be fitted properly

.... Then I doubt a little on the seriousness of the question.

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