Cat and dog good friends?!?

Hello. The point is that I would like to buy a map because it was more my desire. But the problem is, unfortunately, the fact that we have a bitch (10years old). To my rabbit (no longer alive) she was loving and initially short problems nothing. In cats, it is highly likely to be different ... place etc would be enough there. As best result together and if it does not work then what .. Would it work? At a dog from the family she react aggressive and nervous ... Hope you know further


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There are certainly a wide variety of experiences. I am 20 years something like a cat sanctuary. 45 cats I had received in the time, kittens or pregnant cats ... and then passed on. In the 20 years I always had 1-3 dogs. Two German shepherds, a Labrador. there were never any problems. Smaller "misunderstandings" have always started with the cats. The dogs have always understood that the Cats for "inventory" includes, so that they are MY property. My Labrador has adopted even times during pseudopregnancy a kitten. It very difficult to separate the two which again. Your dog you have, of course, be able to assess it. If you are among cat owners visit how he behaves? Hunting he out other cats or he lässte retrieve immediately? The crux of the cats .... Did the panic of dogs? Are they aggressively against dogs? Do you know dogs or they grew up in a household dog? Are they never come into contact with dogs? With the last two options you have good Chanchen that it could work, provided of course that your dog is an acceptable type.

how she reacts when she sees outside cats? with NEM cats hunter mans should not try only

from the perspective of the cat is important to know that, contrary to their reputation, no is loner. kitten should always be kept to wzeit, also flat cats. individual attitude that just will not want other cats to be only in adult castrated freigängern the after eingewöhung immediately out drüfen .. or at the cats. but those are mostly cats with a poor social behavior and also ne zsuammenfürhung with NEM dog are difficult can then

it gbt cats accept the pet. There are cats, the dogs love. there are cats hate dogs and never accept a near her. know with young cats or cats with the dog, you have the best opportunities to ne successful reunification. "Talking" dogs and cats different languages. Young cats are more flexible and learn faster, cats have already hundisch speak no communication barrier that must overcome them

the dog but in flat pose no substitute for playing companions

we also have a young cat in and recorded. our dog accepted our hofkatzen and our house hangover. the bitch is 9 years old and both also eat more often from a napf. I have to say to our terrier is an affectionate soul but I would not lay still the hand for them to fire. I have it in the eye when the two are almost always in the house together. projects good luck with your.

Actually there is no problem, and especially not when the cat is still very small. Since it falls under "puppy protection". Since your dog is peaceful and not inherently very aggressive it should really work. We have often had together Dog and cat, has always worked great after a period of acclimatization. It was also already love at first sight there. The animals have been doing this.

My dog ​​has grown up with cats, my own he accepts other cats are chased away. Therefore one can of behavior there is not close to the behavior of their own cat.

Problem is, we know neither you nor your dog. I do not know whether your dog has come educated, he is kontrolierbar.

It may well happen that never get along, the dog with the cat and both need to be separated. Much depends on what experience your dog has done.

Known had her two dogs strictly separate from de cat that had the dead bitten. As puppies they had once had a bad experience since they hate all cats.

It may also everything go well. But that is not said.

Importantly: Every animal needs a place where has the other animal to seek nothing. There are also cats dogs chase and harass (I once had as a cat who has hunted neighbor Dachshund regularly.)

Should you not tolerated and not make me firmly to 2 weeks. Because it takes up the animals used to each other. Should we separate the animals or one dispensing.

For me it has to have some they approximately three months took the first dog and the second six months dimensions. Today, all agree. The cat can prevail what she wants and knows how far can go it. Eating is taboo because my dogs know no friends.

So if the dog is 10 years old should fold relatives of ours have also had an eleven-year-old male with a cat walked Super

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