Cat does not eat and vomits frequently - Does anybody advice?


I'm just a little confused when it comes to the behavior of my cat and would appreciate some opinions. And although I have taken over a 6 year old Birman about four weeks ago. From the previous owner, I know that the cat is very picky when it comes to food, they usually only eats dry food and sometimes even a little wet food (however, only one type and only from a specific brand). In addition, it has phases over again, where she eats nothing.

But now she stirred for 5 days no more wet food and dry food she takes hardly to be and what's more, they sometimes vomits at least 1 -2 day and even twice had Duch case and it does not seem to managed toilet. The previous owner said, that would be all normal, because it is a potent cat and would hang together with the hormones. But I'm so getting worried, because good can not be on time for the cat, right? Has anyone ever had a similar experience or know there was ...

Thank you in advance! :)

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To clarify times a very important thing !!: NEVER can the Internet replace a vet !!! If you already something like pass and diarrhea listen! The animal loses very much liquid and if not treated quickly, it can lead to death! Therefore the vet immediately so that he can save the poor thing even before it's too late! I mean where is there something, a finicky cat ?? hahahah :) no, something I've NEVER heard and I do not think their hormones with 6 years spinning yet. She's grown up ...

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Since 5 days (!!!) not more galling? And why emerged the word veterinarian with you anywhere on ??? This you would already need to go days ago! Bad eating behavior is always a danger signal and can have all sorts of things to the cause.

What make things worse: Nahrungsentzüge mean a serious threat to cats! At worst, they may thereby suffer hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver). - How is a fatty liver? If the feline body is deprived for too long food or losing a lot of weight in a short time, provides an energy shortage. This fat deposits are mobilized and released into the liver. However, unlike a dog or to man the cat has no enzyme that converts these fats into energy suppliers. Result: They invade the liver cells, destroying them and affect the liver function on a massive scale. The fatal: The fatty liver triggers appetite, which is why they continue to worsen.

Note: A cat has to eat after less than 24 hours, an overweight even after 12 hours (if necessary also unhealthy dry food) - it does not, it could be a death sentence! Even for intended weight reduction, the power supply may only be 10 to gradually (!) More than 25% below the maintenance requirement, ie. Under the food basic needs of an adult animal with normal activity Everything else would amount to a radical diet that may also cause fatty liver! On top of that list it, intensive medical treatments in diagnosing fatty liver only a success rate of about 60%. The rest carries serious liver damage them or died of liver failure, which unfortunately is often the case. Death occurs (assuming fatty liver) usually only after days or weeks, depending on the severity of pre-existing conditions (==> the the almost always precedes). The functioning of the liver takes up little by little from.

Please see also under treatment and prognosis of the following links: .

Important: Nahrungsentzüge and bad eating habits among the early symptoms of fatty liver Most likely it urgently needs to be fed high-calorie to get a possible fatty liver in the handle or a coming and averted!. The fact is: When fatty livers is limited usually to suspected diagnoses, such as anorexia, emaciation, vomiting, blood value changes or examinations using ultrasound (==> this show possibly an enlarged, grown on a mold and structure compacted liver).. The removal of liver tissue by Tru-Cut biopsy, ie the most reliable method of diagnosis is carried out only in exceptional cases (==> to high anesthetic risk for sick animals).

If a fatty liver are present, root cause analysis must operate ==> anyway it must! Justification: Very often go of fatty liver disease in need of treatment ahead, for example.

  • pancreatitis, a bowel obstruction or CNI (c hronische N ming i nsuffizienz), for all solve appetite from
  • Dental diseases, eg. As gingivitis or FORL (==> recognizable only by denture radiograph)
  • a cold (==> by bad smell attracts the food less)
  • heart failure
  • gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), which with vomiting, ie food deprivation is often associated
  • overweight
  • or worm infestation.

Also unsuccessful (because not really accepted) feed changes and medication doses may be the cause.

Please keep in mind: Just Cats often suffer long silence before him, until one has a suspicion. This is due to their need for security in the wild career, because if enemies notice their weakness because of cries of pain, they are more vulnerable. You however have suspicions, namely bad eating habits, and diarrhea. So ==> from the doctor (there is also a veterinary emergency)! Time factor is all important (keyword food deprivation-induced liver damage, desiccation-induced kidney damage + inflammation-induced heart damage that can be life threatening) for lack of food intake and possible inflammation in several ways. - Not to mention the costs turn out higher, the longer you wait, although this should be rather unimportant ...!

She probably licked just too much hair. this is normal, that she pukes then!


go best as soon as possible to a veterinarian with cat

There is something to the vet called Because you should go times back

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