Cat + Dog Good Idea?

Can you have a cat and a dog in a household get so they can not destroy? And both would deal with each other or one would have to deal with two, not that I do not wish it would but it interests me. Thanks in advance.

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both cats and dogs are animals with human respect. dogs more than cats. certainly have to deal with both you.

for both the contact with each other no compensation is to artgenossen for contact. the dog needs appropriate contacts outside the cat free gear or NEN artgenossen in house

along guides dog / cat can be difficult. best they fold when the dog little to no hunting operation has (then do not have to teach him that the cat is not a breakfast, what things Simplified), and both animals are young or have experience with animal species of each other. dogs and cats "speak" different enough that there are massive room for misunderstandings and lack communications and similar enough that they can learn together to "talk". and young animals learn new "spoke" more quickly, a pet that has already lived with the other art "speaks" the language already

dogs and cats are in essence very different and require very different treatment. the handling of dogs and cats to learn gleiczeitig can be difficult if you have no experience with them it would be, I think, more sense to start with a 'species

You did not ask whether the coexistence of cat and dog "goes" - in some cases, yes, often not really good. Whether it is a good idea, I doubt unless you have a lot of pet owners experience and are you sure you can do it. Two cats or two dogs harmonize principle better, and why make life difficult from the outset. If it works well, fine, but if it does not work, you can have erhablichen damage in the apartment, vet bills and have proposed one of the possibly injured or distraught animals. If that happens, that was a really bad idea ....

Can you have a cat and a dog in a household get so they can not destroy?

Cats and dogs are natural enemies and get along best when they grow up together. With already full-grown and foreign animals, may lead to significant problems.

Read you times this page well, it describes how you can get used to the cat and dog together. Sorry but that does not always work.

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Of course you can cat and dog stick together! It is my opinion only important that one of the two comes first, the best cat .. Because the area and so .. because the cat as a chef is easier than the dog as chief because of the possibility that the cat the dog better or accepted faster than vice versa! (Is my personal experience can be different) You must also make sure that the dog, the cat is not staring, not the cat we go therefore I had my dog ​​the first day can thus always take off on a long leash the cat. If the cat approaching the dog and the dog's head is no longer big raises when the cat walks past, you have almost won! And it is also important that both have their rest against each other! Have fun :)

Clear gehtbdas, I hold 2 dogs and a cat. has indeed labge taken at the beginning but now they get on well together.

Employ they do with each other, they cat playing unlike the dogs, I have ran as a holder.

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