Cat goes to with a bushy tail on dog, what does this mean?

The dog is still new in the house and my cat I have from an early age had he has become very bold in recent times and dares recently completely to the dog ran today the two first sniffs times correctly (of course I was there and had everything under control) and I set my hangover went with bushy tail to him and also had a hunch he went sideways on him ... What does this mean? Normally that's a kind of attack position .. But it seemed to me as if he wanted to play with the dog .. Can it be ??

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The Cat in the Hat is bigger than he is. Therefore he Buscht the tail and takes the side so that you can see his great "broadside", and it looks not only from the front. This is both a warning and a threat. That he approaches the dog, but also shows that he is interested in the same time, by the way he animated a little bit, incl. Warning indicated. Cats are a little crazy. Curiosity will conquer.

Curiosity kills the cat;)

Yes, that may be game. But it may also be that the cat wants to clarify its supremacy in the house.

By drawing up the tail and approaches the side, the cat tries to seem bigger! That's ne form of threat that the dog can not understand ... Eventually the dog will come closer, one gets so the nose and then learns kätzisch ^^

Hello rocky road,

that he wanted to play with the Hud, I do not think so. Because if a cat with a bushy tail starts on a dog, he actually shows that he is not afraid and would also attack.

In your place I would take good care of the dog, because if the cat out driving their claws, it usually goes to the nose or the eyes and skin to.

MfG Angelika

This means: "Watch ma off I'll be moving, but do me nothing !!!." Well just that he wants to attack already, but does not dare. but I am familiar with cats not really, but for me it looked more like they would think it was like that. :-D

If cat wags its tail, is still the attack Pur, the dog on the other hand it is a sign of joy

At some point I read, cats and dogs have the same signals with different meanings.

This can then indeed run really stupid.


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