Cat hates dog

We have three months a bitch and since longer a cat ...... But our cat not akteptiert our dog ..... The cat always hits the dog, at first we thought that it soon ceases but the cat is becoming aggressive , Does anyone know what to do about it ????

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Does anyone know what to do about it ????

Since the cat sees the house as your territory, penetrates the dog in the area of the cat. Please note "earlier rights" of the cat, the dog on you linen necessarily. Do not let him sniff around freely in the home, if cats are in the room. He can even make advance if the cats are not there. Make sure that all cats have an absolutely safe for you refuge (scratching post, cat flap to the outside, closet or another cat known and safe place. Make sure that the dog has previously made ​​a long walk, so that he is not additional movement Dran felt.

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well the dog is a potent iller mortal enemy of the cat and not all cats accept a dog near. to be as dog and cat not say without reason

the dog may chase the cat neimals, not even in the game. the cat needs retreat places, preferably dominant, from where they can observe the dog. both animals should be able to withdraw at any time

since you .. threatens only suggest talking, growls or snarls she? possibly they simply tries to cat species to play with the dog

let them make. they will come to terms. vllt they are buddies can also be that they avoid each other away. you see then.

your puppy wants to make friends. and the silly kitty refuses to understand this because what he says is called in their language attack. but experience shows that they develop a common ommunication.

they are not mortal enemies, they have only understanding problems.

Please do not let the dog running to the cat. The cat does not like it but the dog and it not checked, so you need to intervene as a halter. In addition, the cat creates a safe place where the Hnd not go must.

Then it takes time, it may also be that the cat never gets used to the dog.

You write that your dog approaches her more, although she repels him. That you should prevent at all costs. Normally a dog keeps his distance to a beating or hissing cat. Your dog ignores the Drohnungen but, sits over them. This means that no friendship will there permanently develop. Since only helps minimize contact as possible, and always give the cat the opportunity to switch to higher-lying places.

In what situations coming up to? How big is the dog? How old is the cat? May Without knowing more accurate you no help.

So our dog is 6 months old and is about 45cm tall ... It happens quite often when the dog, the cat approaches

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