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Dear animal lovers and cat professionals,

I have a little "problem" and although I have 2 chicks (both about 2.5 years old and neutered) they have clean indoor cats but normally a beautiful fenced balcony cat tree, etc. are available. Well, sadly, I have modernization work at home which will draw up the winter and the balcony can not be walked on, not only to my disappointment but especially for the 2 chicks ...

You do feel sorry because they sometimes sit in front of the balcony door and look at me full of hope ... :( We have however a sweet little garden (approx. 10 minutes away by car) in which we are often in the summer. I 've been thinking set up a small enclosure and take them possibly, but I'm not sure if this is really a good idea to me ...

What do you say? Have you vlt have experience in such a situation?

Looking forward to helpful answers!

The best answer

it depends very much on the cat. some cat highly sensitive to changing revier or hate car rides, too short, like the plague. with whom one should not make the

However, a truly safe cat fence is ne expensive affair

Heii So really I do not have experience, but as long as these activities take? If they take a long time, I would do with the gardens. But if it does not take so long (about a week) it's not worth it. You can do it already, then the cat can play in the summer in your garden :)

Friends of mine take their cat every weekend with the country where they have a house, and where the cat gets clearance.

If your cats are well marked to you and possibly a signal Come to know (Delicious Lido Enge rattling like, you can also quickly train yourself), and if they get along with driving a car, then I would take them and grant them free passage. They will not leave. Cats are cautious, the race is not the same for miles away.

I always does it hurt to hear from indoor cats. We well it as my hangover. But remember that your cat again have to live a "balcony life" after the stay in the garden. I do not know if you should do to them.

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