Cat is chased by dog

Hi, the following case an uncontrolled dog chasing a cat, this takes refuge in a tree. The cat is injured so badly that surgery is inevitable. Lt. Municipal regulation prevails in greenery a leash. The dog owner is nowhere to be seen. Can I a) paid in respect of the operation by the dog owners (liability insurance) demand b) criminal charges of breach of the community Regulation set c) criminal charges against the dog owners because (presumably) property damage ask. Please order as meaningful as possible statements, if possible with references to the legal situation. Thank you very much

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the nichtanleinen is an administrative offense. whether the cat has suffered by the dog the strong violations, is only unproven times. should proceed without the witness or prove the sands run. find out the owner about the dog is easy for the police. the dog holder has definitely its supervisory duty neglected, perhaps even gross negligence.

So with the leash is merely an administrative one with security. If now however from the "property damage" is caused by your cat would make liable for the dog owner. The damage compensation should not be a problem for the holder, because every dog ​​needs in Germany, legally, a liability insurance.

Maybe you try yourself first about to communicate with the holder before you think about criminal charges.

Yes can show the dog owners.

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