Cat mutates into a dog


I think a 14 year old cat with his sister. The cat has since 1 day a bit but that lately he has one to the gossips really strange impulses.

He brings the ball like a dog back to me when I threw it. He hears extreme in his name, when this is called (no matter by whom) he races to that. He immediately growled going if in anything does not fit or feels threatened. Sometimes he has a rare stupid Trust Doofen views but that since the first day.

Can you somehow prevent it behaves so?

The best answer

So I have a dog and purring like a cat and it clips also always on, leaning against holding cat behavior I guess that it is (as there is nothing bad in it) no matter where you should be worried

why should the verhindert- the hangover does not in itself problematic. so let him be as he wants to be. is perhaps more interesting to have a hangover, of a bit is different. there are even cats who bellen- animals can so a lot of other kinds abgucken or by itself to come up with new ideas.

Everything green :-D

Cats can fetch, your cat is really not the only one who dominates. Cats also have an enormous range of facial expressions and voice that they are running quite well, if they want to achieve something. Dogs do that also, other animals as well.

If the cat has hearing, although he does not have it so, you just became about it. Everywhere there are such and such. Some can ask yourself, others are arms at, if the name is called.

The comparison with a dog only makes sense at first glance ;-)

Cats have this peculiarity occasionally not atypical to behave for their kind. Be there where they begin retrieving, responding to language or the like. You can assume that close to each cat can. Most cares not stop: D

Has he gotten what about you

hol RTL.

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