Cat on dog used to each other?

I now have a hangover and have now received a 6-month-old golden retriever puppy for 9 years. But every time my cat sees the dog, she hisses and jumping on items such as the table. Now I am aware that time is needed, but is this still what, since the cat has indeed lived alone for so long? I have to let fear they run around alone or unattended in a room to be because me the dog breeder has said that if the cat would bite the dog, one would have to vet, is it then?

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Hey Leelile :) Your cat it is easy to be alone usual. The apartment is to be rich and her for his subjects, and only his. Now the stupid dog comes to making the cat dispute their empire. Let them together easily and ignore their behavior. The animals take care of it among themselves and dog like cat are very adaptable :) The dog is still young, the cat will reprove him a thing or two times and then has that. The important thing is that the cat always has alternatives, so always can out of the room, or at least out of the reach of the dog. It may be that the first 3-4 months are hell, but after that it gets on again. But let into a room I would not, because the cat really can not leave. The stupid: Cats go always on the eyes, and if they would scrape the little eyes that bored. And the vet you had pretty safe because cat bites are very unpleasant. 99% they begin the pagers because it closes up the wound and includes the bacteria down there. The fire begins to the cook and hey presto you have a thick abscess. Something must be rinsed and sometimes cut something so that all bacteria get out, is therefore not a very pleasing tale. It is important now that the cat does not feel disadvantaged. Kuschel continues with her and do not run all the time the dog behind. Let the two simply at rest, turn the other not towards the other or try to imprison them until they love each other, no, leave it, the rules that already :) The dog will likely be subordinate and the biscuit is eaten. If the hierarchy is then clarified, it may well be that the two play or cuddle :) With us the constellation Dog Cat works very well with each other: D Do not worry, it will come;)

yes nine years autocracy must be overcome only once, but you have to try to convey through you, so cuddle hangover and crawl dog and distribute treats from a single source and at the same time, have the last year the other way around made so dog was there and cat came've also used quite a while, but now they can hardly without each other, when I'm with dog in the forest then it takes ever two hours before we come back, but then the cat depends only MAL10 min in the dog by the neck and leave him for the rest of the day is no longer out of sight, so just be patient

A cat can injure a dog evil.

Please Schaff your cat and your dog a safe retreat. I as the kitchen closed off with a baby gate that cat by and the dog does not come. Thus the Katzte may withdraw at any time.

My cat was good 12 years alone before my first dog came, worked at first attempt. My second cat was 1 year. It took 3 months to, he again came up from the basement and not equal to the width snarling sought when he tell my bitch.

Yes, if an animal is injured you should go to the vet.

every time my cat sees the dog, she hisses and jumping on items such as the table.

the dog should only times only lead face of the cat.

Here are some great tips on:

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Hello Leelie,

it's simply that your cat is now very jealous of their new comrade. Your cat was until now the center and suddenly no more, he does not understand this now.

You have the puppies once your cat with a lot of patience and care, your cat imagine, the diesr know that he is no longer alone from now and from now all have to share with the dog.

Show him but that you have it also very fond of, then the current jealousy dog ​​passes.

I wish you much fun with both animals adapt well to them.

I do not think the cat would bite the dog, he would only anfaauchen him, nothing more.

MfG Angelka

Yes, of course you have to be to the vet! Why do people always such senseless experimentation at the expense of the animals? The cat has been living alone 9 years, playing what was not right, because cats are not loners and need conspecifics. That alone was a form of animal cruelty! Now get the cat after so many years in solitary confinement even a dog's nose set. Sure, he does not place great. He can not move without stress to yes. Do you actually sometimes to your animals or just to yourself?

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