Cat ownership and dog ownership

I have 2 questions asked - even for dog ownership without other dogs and even cats for entertainment without conspecifics.

Not because I want to buy a dog (or two) or cat (or two) to me, but because it was something noticed.

Apparently it really seems to be ok for all dog owners to keep the pack animal dog alone ( "The family is the pack"), whereas there are some people who argue vehemently - with "evidence" and "proof" that cats at least two people should be kept, regardless of whether they "loner" in nature or not.

Can anyone of you explain why that is?

Thank you very much :)

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Of course it is really, as written. But, it may be a better way. We ourselves have temporarily 4 Elos here in Momen even two other dogs of friends. Given a cat. That's completely thrilled by the dogs. You also always plays with the youngest dogs, it is wonderful to look at. I end of last year successively raised 3 orphaned kittens. The liked our cat until delivery (a went to our daughter as a second cat, the other two each to families who have a Elo of us) at all.

Dogs are family. They love you and make a call to you to the cats probably do not build. Therefore dogs and cats alone can be held with partners I guess. So I would explain it to me anyway.


Yes I think that's always funny. Dogs can be kept alone, cats always for two.

Of course, a single indoor cat is not recommended. But a free-roaming cat can live very well alone. Cats are just the kittens age like to second. Later there are actually a loner.

I have two dogs (recently three) and now again 2 cats.

I used to always just had a hangover (outdoor access). After his death, I took 2 cats in the opinion, that would be better. No way. The two have their accepted only and only because they had it. There were two solitary cat. My current cat I got alone, he is in great shape. He loves the dogs, cuddles and plays with them, he goes for a walk with. He with whom he draws 2-3 Cats mates together around the houses. Now 6 weeks before running up to us a ravenous she-cat and Sam she accepted. So we thought - super now he is no longer alone. Since she is fit again, he finds it not good. RER wants out his buddies, but not in it. Why is everyone after 2 cats crying - I do not understand it in 45 years cat ownership.

In dogs, many find that keep it perfectly fine alone. We used to always just a dog. Since I but dogs have min. 2, I do not ever want just one.

My old dog (sadly passed away in December) and my dog ​​loved each other. It was based on her, she raised him, they huddled together. When he grew up, he watched it on - she took her when she abbog wrong while walking. Just beautiful. I knew he would have a problem riessiges if she dies. Therefore, 7 months ago drew up a puppy. The three were a great team. When my dog ​​died, it was my dog ​​bad, but my little one took him repeatedly to get out of mourning. They are together so great. I would never again a single dog - what a single dog missed that many do not know.

By the by, I can not explain why many think so you.

I think a big difference is that it is normal for a dog to leave the house. go to meet other dogs and to deal with those

a house cat can not. which looks ever again in life someone who speaks your language,

I have 2 dogs! ;-) Find a person can never replace a conspecific! Therefore, you are right. However, one can dogs (almost) anywhere you and they like it or want the owners like. Cats are much more independent and the people need less (especially if they are outdoor cats).

A free-roaming cat can be kept so alone. In an indoor cat is different.

A dog is kept not as flat dog walking Gassi and willed or sometimes unintentionally Dogs contacts.

cats should be straight when without freewheeling than animal a second cat to the company - it is an outdated view that cats do not need contact with other cats ....

dogs are not human-related as cats and have the gassi go enough contact to other dogs ...

There are several reasons:

  • The dog is watching the only animal of the human being as full social partners
  • Dogs should also during walks to get contact with conspecifics (unless they are incompatible). You then have dog friends who just live only not at home
  • In dogs friendships close faster than cats. Cats need only one time to another cat to be warm.
  • Cats in Apartment attitude have to meet no chance other cats.

I think no one claims that dogs are to have no contact with other dogs! Therefore, there are also dog walking, pens etc.

first - cats are not loners but SINGLE HUNTER wenndu times observe in the southern countries, outside where many cats live without holder, all in groups dieleben --on freidhöfen together or geeigenten places and they are andholding hunt together they do all lebeb alone for themselves but they like to do together. So therefore also at least 2 cats in pure wohungshaltung.

a dog binds to the people, for it is the human being the pack, what he would have outside, he would live as a free dog, live there then dogs also list with several --eben together in rudel and go partly together on foraging. but since the dog ganaz differently on people oriented, as a cat needs einhund not necessarily a canine partner ..schön it is for him to have a buddy, if you understood but just is not absolutely necessary if he in contact alttagsleben enough dog gets to the other

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