Cat stinks from the Po

Good day,

have gained a second kitten me months ago 1 1/2. They called Mia and is now about 4-5 months old.

Mia can be related to their bowels somehow not behave. She has between some exaggerated time diarrhea and generally stinks her feces properly.

With my other cat (Bibi, about 2 years old) I had something never. The had a decent bowel movement and definitely NEVER so stunk like the little now.

Can it be that there are cats that can not or do not brush right ?! ^^ Or it may be that they have to learn how to properly go to the toilet ?!

I do not know ^^

[Were the days at the vet with her - vaccinated. The vet first gave me a tablet for worming with where and when it then will not get better, I may collect feces for 3 days: D] Will halt was not too worried, so I ask for advice or their own "stories".

Love from

The best answer

That you therefore were to the vet to determine the cause, is ever good. However: It can have several causes, such as poor quality food What food you give because..?

I do not think that has anything to do with clean, how clean because diarrhea influence

I think that when you either what lives in the intestine which is not there belongs (hence the sammelkotprobe, I find that the right is made), or something does not really go well in lining

You should your cat food with at least 60% meat without sugar and cereals shares offer, no milk, or only lactose-free or give goat's milk from the supermarket. Against diarrhea often helps more times a bowl of plain yogurt.

Possibly is the smell with the worming, or your cat has other problems, but which will be put out by the examination of the faeces and then you can also do something about it.

It may well be that a worm infestation is present or other things in the intestine not sind.Das ok is small at first do not worry, come in small cats often vor.Ansonsten times are cats so very clean animals who already know how to properly going to the toilet !!

You shall not make any big worries, but you have to make sure that the diarrhea goes away. This includes just three days to collect feces, if need be, because diarrhea away = Stink away and cat healthy. Everything else is botch.

Maybe it's the food. Small kittens have usually a more sensitive stomach than adult cats. There are also special kitten food.

It would have to be clarified only times where you got the cat. Is it a lost animal? Or from an animal shelter, private owners etc.

Is it perhaps too early away from the mother, so that was not shown her how to dressing up?

And then it may be due to the food that she has diarrhea.

My little cat was then a fund animal and was maximal. 10 weeks old. He has not learned from his mother how to dressing up. And he also had diarrhea. He first ever eaten no dried fodder. Is also clear, when he is so young. After he started to eat TroFu also next to the wet food, it has done it the diarrhea.

The smell can come from the food and of course the fact that he is not dressing properly. Since then you have to help out just once.

As has already been answered, it may be due to food. Some cats are very sensitive in terms of their digestion, my cat has vomited some varieties because they could not tolerate this. In any case you should offer her plenty of fluids, as diarrhea is always dangerous when it comes to drying out. Therefore, always plenty of fresh water (room temperature, cold or hot also makes sometimes problems) and for kittens eh wet food. Anyway it's good that you were with her at the vet, it should not be better, which go again on my nerves. If the small business has made her, you her little ass also first with a damp warm cloth and carefully clean, otherwise kanns happen that with her everything is back irritably. Get well for little Mia!

is because since it is still small and no manners hatt .. patience is the solution

Cat stinks from the Po

Why the hell do you smell the Po your cat ???

You were at the vet, so waiting until times, whether the pills help and otherwise you just have to collect feces for 3 days.

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