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In my Renault Scenic Bauiahr 2oo1 in dashboard illuminates the indicator lamp for the Catalyst I auf.Kann despite the still driving can damage the engine which enstehen.Worauf should I consider when a new Catalyst.

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It does not light up the display for the catalyst (which does not exist) but the exhaust / engine warning light. This indicates that the engine have a defect. A defective sensor, a broken valve, etc, etc .. there are several possibilities. Therefore, you should first go to a workshop and can be read out fault memory. One can not tell if something breaks or if there is no problem here. Personally, I would avoid as far as possible by car to go now until you know what's going on.

If the catalyst is not working properly, it can either be the result of his own, or with the engine electronics, which ensures that it can work.

As long as it is unclear which of the error is caused, consequential damages can not be excluded, you should continue that way.

Why can not read out the fault memory?

The car has all seriousness a warning lamp for the cat? Are you sure that's not the diesel particulate filter is meant?


values ​​increased by lambda !! exchange of cat, doubles the value of your car


If you can einbaust a new cat / installing, I found wise an original (manufacturer) take part. This keeps mostly longer


Presumably, the check engine light is illuminated. You should see the error as soon as possible can be read out in the workshop.

Greeting HobbyTfz

1. It is a catalyst. 2. if it is defective, the car has to stop, because otherwise some will be more affected. 3. Buy original part and if possible leave the car, drag to the workshop. Not with rope, but charged.

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