Cats sell expensive

So my girlfriend has seen in a single pair indication cats and the person equal written that they want to buy the cats and demanded a few photos per whatsapp, after a while she has gotten the photos and placed the photos also for sale in a display pure. The purpose of it was that they only cheap buys the cat and sold more expensive if the demand is there. now the person has from my girlfriend wanted to buy the cat said that this is a fraud. is that correct? can the person show my girlfriend? already thank you for your reply

The best answer

It is not a scam but a commercial action and thus commercial Taxable

I would like to comment on your friend no cats.

No, this is not a scam.

This is a completely normal commercial operation.

They would, however, not allowed to use without his permission, the pictures of the first owner.

No that's not a scam ... But it's shyness% e opposite the cat! In addition, they should be looking for a clever job, and not something

Thanks to Kill Has :)

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