Cats the musical / film? / Costumes? / General information?

Is there of the musical movie ??? In addition, you know something about the costumes or masks? Were they very expensive? Or else did you important information about the item?

Thank you for your answers

The best answer

Yes there's a movie, go look in the library, order it to you then you can look at him.

That are cats and introduce themselves and sing and dance they have cat eyes and sometimes more, sometimes less on fur and are also painted as cats. (Mostly body with cattail and a bit of fur)

but the "queen" has a lot of thick skin.

a hangover since irgentwie crazy and someone else can conjure up and so on.

then dies at the end of the oldest cat and sings (something that has the 7 live cats do)

or look if you can find it on YouTube.

I hope I could help you a bit

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