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Hello, I have times a few questions here.

I am since Dec 2013 training as electronic technician for equipment and systems. training runs mainly in the school and practical school, I'm up to 12 weeks in operation. I started training later and have been integrated into the class later, but were never properly recorded. Now to my question as I class for almost one year suffering from under strong bullying and therefore often lacking because my psyche that no longer makes with I would like to change. would it be possible ? I must still learn to Feb 2017th My instructor stood in front of me and kept telling me that I would not make the test between eh, what I have managed to happiness but to listen to my own personality, however, is not beneficial always something. Now I want to change the operation of what are the first steps that I have to go there. Thank you in advance

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Awaiting you from switching too much !, and then you are the same problems and Sitationen repeatedly encounter. In this way, you'll probably your problem persists, or you do not break away from your problem! Remember that!

For some, it means also an incentive, along the lines of "now more than ever", as they are judged by others weak. Much is therefore a matter of attitude.

And the proof that others are not necessarily right, you have fortunately already received. So - then think Just differently!

Experiments with the challenges and "unpleasant turn on" other deal differently, to think differently. That makes you free!

first times apply in another operation that you want there like to continue your education, if you signed a contract there, and only then, do not .... terminate the old operating previously - go!

Bullying ..... a buzzword for each fret, each teasing.

So easy, you can not terminate his education.

Have you ever since the conversation wanted? Just called a "circle time" and put everything on it Tapet. Can be very helpful.

When a situation is not "available", it does not help, just stay away. One imagines and clarifies.

Of course you can because change operation and in all of what you've written because I would you even recommend.

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