Change in feed dog - experience with Herrmanns and Terra Pura

Hello everybody,

I would like to change the wet food my dog. Currently I feed her Terra Canis grain free, but as it has from time to time some mucus in faeces, health but everything is clarified and I read on the internet, which react more dogs with mucus in the feces on this food, I'd love to another try lining.

I personally will be organic food (especially organic meat) and more important, so I would like, if I already umstelle, move to a more organic feed.

Of course I've been around a bit googled and I think that the food Herrmanns and Terra Pura is quite good. They both organic quality, there are a few grain-free varieties, so they also get some variety and the liquid portion is slightly higher, which I think is good because my little very little drinking and I even at Terra Canis always some water into the lining have mixed. An advantage of Terra Pura: the meat content is higher. An advantage Herrmanns: there are more grain-free varieties to choose from. Here times by both manufacturers a variety with cattle as a comparison:

Terra Pura Organic heart stew:

85% beef heart carrot molasses-yeast powder * Spirulina Horsetail Nettle * calcium carbonate sea salt

Composition Terra Pura in%: Crude protein 8.6, crude fat 8.7, crude fiber 1,3, ash 1,9, moisture 77.2, calcium 0.20, 0.14 phosphorus, sodium 0.11 magnesium 0.02 , potassium 0.21

Herrmanns Organic beef with sweet potatoes and vegetables

Composition: 50% beef * (heart, tongue, lung, larynx), zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, fennel, flax oil * | * organic

Analytical constituents: Protein: 6.2%, fat 6.8%, crude fiber 1.7%, ash 0.6%, moisture: 82.7%

Of course, it is important whether it my little tastes, and whether they can withstand the lining. Nevertheless, interest me more advice and am curious about your opinion. Ever Thanks for all helpful answers, LG

The best answer

Both feed hear ever good, but it should not be fed as much heart. Also there is too little fat in it. The fat content should be between 15 and 25%. Holt the dog its energy from the protein, which he then has to do necessarily, then goes to the kidney and can cause damage. Regarding the meat content I find Terra Pura better as a dog should have at least 60% meat in the diet

Have you ever thought to Barfen?

  • 70% meat offal + + + raw bones fat (minimum)
  • 30% vegetables and fruit pureed (maximum)
  • no grain
  • no sugar
  • low carbohydrate

Here you can buy organic meat or, if you live in the countryside, feeding even the leftovers from butcher.

No final feed comes Barf really ran, mostly because of the above reasons and also you never know what everything is still so there ended, because not everything is declared.

Often dogs want Barf not from the beginning, because it is not as strong smells like finished feed. There are finally not contain attractants. After a short settling time but that can withstand any dog ​​with proper feeding. And even better, the dog smells less, has less hair loss and skin problems. The tendons, muscles and bones become stronger and the dog generally fitter and healthier.

Just give it time.

Information about this diet you can read at the following links:

  • Brochure of Swanie Simon (5, - Amazon)

In the brochure, the conversion is very well explained. My I have moved from one to the next day. Power but not every dog ​​with.

If you umsteigst mix a week old sort of feed and the new food, increasing proportion of the new food.

Hey I have a dog, more specifically a bitch and before we did have adopted them they always get wet fodder, as this has, however, stunk so bad we have switched to dry food that was no problem and she has not even bother but said one that you still artzt dear little water give should. LG

My gr.Hunde only get dry food and natural enough Wasser..der! Become 2 years old, Lando is nun8 / 1/2, get feed vonHills, although expensive but gut..Rechtschreibung..12, the first dog !!!!

If no allergies ..

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