Change of ownership over real estate brokers. What questions this agent to our tenants are permitted?

My landlord is the owner. He wants this apartment sale now. A broker is the initial survey (without buyers). Do we have to answer certain questions this agent?

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What questions does the broker then? All the potential interested party needs to know about the object and its tenant, the current owner must also know and can provide information! Renters must of course give any information!

Since I would only times carefully. The principle is the broker only times nothing. He's just brokers, nothing more. If he has any questions he may contact the current owner is but that should be available to him to answer questions. The will also sell yes. I would be as involved with anything.

Depends on the question. You must at least not interfere with the sale, ie a little information about you have to give her already. No one buys an apartment with tenants, about which he knows nothing so pure.

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